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Four major characteristics of UV offset printing ink in the process of printing
      Due to the UV ink has a cure in seconds, the power consumption low, little pollution and printing suitable good many advantages. It has been widely used in offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, screen printing and ink-jet printing.
      Offset printing UV ink in the application of UV ink occupies considerable proportion, including color offset printing ink (paper, plastic, metal, etc.), offset adjusting ink, offset light oil, offset frosted ink, offset pearl ink etc.. It is widely used in the field of printing and packaging, books printed covers, CD envelope printing and high quality, large quantities of label printing. Offset UV ink has the following characteristics.
(1) curing speed. Under UV irradiation, offset printing ink for a few seconds to solidify UV. Packaging printing is often required to print large area, and require a higher printing density, so it is important to increase the amount of ink, then drying problems become very important, if the ink is not good, then often affect the production efficiency, and the use of offset printing UV ink, the problem will be solved.
(2) to prevent printing ink crust. UV offset printing ink can prevent the ink from the skin, the release of the offset printing ink, the ink of the skin care.
(3) good adhesion to various substrates. Offset UV ink curing when no infiltration can be printed on the non absorbent substrate, such as cards. This is ordinary offset printing ink can not set foot in the field.
(4) improving the printing environment. Due to the offset printing UV ink in printing do not need dusting, so that printing environment has been improved, avoid by dusting to post press processing brings trouble, such as polishing, coating and so on.
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