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UV ink and water-based ink market trends
       UV ink, water-based ink printing ink will be a big market, and now the domestic use of ink for solvent based ink. Solvent based ink is volatile and dry type ink, dry time is slow, natural drying takes 8 hours. In the drying process, 60% of the solvent to evaporate, the serious pollution, in the "return to natural, environmental protection first" slogan, not only by government departments to strictly the regulations constraints, also will be affected by the opposition of the adjacent room, factories also do not want to use. So in the future UV printing ink and water-based ink printing market is inevitable.
       First, screen printing ink (UV ink) market trends.
       At present, screen printing ink from the output and variety, volatile dry type ink accounted for the mainstream, however, UV printing ink production increased year by year, and an increase in the production of more volatile dry type screen printing ink, only a matter of time. Due to the UV screen printing ink in the original material of polymer, polymer, polymerization initiator type has increased, so that UV screen printing ink is more widely used, can be suitable for a variety of printing materials, its market share will increase.
1) screen printing ink (UV ink) for a variety of substrate materials. Paper, coated paper, wood products, synthetic paper, PVC (PVC (4590, 4.5, 0.99%) 1 propylene (PMMA), acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene ternary copolymer, acrylonitrile styrene copolymer, styrene (PS), ABS, polycarbonate (PC), polyester (PET), poly carbamate, after the treatment of polyethylene, the processing of polypropylene, plastic (7995 190.00, 2.43%) surface coating, polyethylene (PE) plastic, woodenware coating surface, coating metal plate, glass (906, 35.00, 4.02%) ceramics, heat hardening resin.
2) screen printing ink (UV ink) functional performance. Screen printing ink (UV ink) to adapt to the high quality of products, diversification and the need for special processing of profiled products.Insulation, electrical conductivity and electric field luminescence, magnetism, etc. with, having physical sex: liquid crystal display screen, resist Yin welding; electrical; foaming temperature, temperature display, pearlescent, fluorescence, crystal night, heat transfer.Chemical, pharmaceutical, corrosive, ethanol stripping, etc., biochemical, antibacterial, anti fouling, etc.; absorption, adsorption, reaction of the waterproof, oxidation, etc.Surface decoration of 3: crystal glue, anti metal etching, dull wrinkles, non glare, mirror metal; stereo, thick film printing, Braille, crystallization pattern, wrinkles, fragmentation of graphics, coral like pattern.
       Two, water-based printing ink market trends
       In volatile dry type printing ink, the 80 time development of water-based printing ink, because it is conducive to environmental protection and the importance of attention. At the beginning of the development of water-based printing ink has been attracted attention, but because of its poor water requirements, coupled with the printing on the paper because of the paper absorb moisture easily caused by wrinkling and other issues, but did not get popular. After entering the 90's, the above problems have been solved. With the advent of the new water-based printing ink, which has been used, the variety of the new type of water-based printing ink is increasing.
        From an objective analysis, because (water-based printing ink) function, purpose, price, equipment, supply are better than screen printing ink (UV ink), so the future in the screen printing ink market, the traditional printing ink will slowly disappear, and UV ink and ink, and the last is completely occupied by water-based ink market. Commercial water-based printing ink is simple, practical and economic principles. Three major shortcomings of the past, now have overcome.
1)mesh printing ink drying problem.
     The biggest disadvantage of water-based printing ink is that it is slower than the solvent. In theory, the evaporation of water is more than 4-5 times, and how to improve the drying property is a comprehensive problem. After many years of research, now the composition of water-based printing ink is completely improved. First of all, the water content of the printing ink in the past 70% to 30%. The second is to make the water-based printing ink ultra fine, so that the original can only use 150 mesh screen printing ink, can be used for 300 mesh screen printing. Such printing film to thin, dry faster. The third is to reduce the viscosity of water-based printing ink, reduce the surface tension, and promote the capillary phenomenon, to increase the effect of evaporation and drying. It is the most important, to have a high performance infrared dryer. Because of the infrared radiation energy, with penetration, can directly molecules that interact with the ink, and fever, promote instant drying, water-based printing inks do now color printing, color and color instant dry, 150 DEG C as long as the 5S. This drying rate is almost as fast as the screen printing ink (UV ink).
2)water based printing ink
      Past the water-based printing ink on the water absorbing object (porous objects such as cloth (cotton, linen, wool, silk, polyester, nylon and its blended fabric), paper (paper, cardboard, wood (wood, wood, plywood), leather (leather and artificial leather), then good, but on the hard surface of printer materials then more difficult. Now because of water-based printing ink fixing agent is the use of acrylic, polyester, polyester coincidence resin, the full range then function of non absorbent substrate, smooth, hard surfaces of the substrate, and the past then difficult objects have excellent adhesion. Such as the dial water cloth, synthetic paper, thick canvas, rigid PVC, PVC, stickers, PVC cloth, artificial leather, acrylic, ABS, as, pet, PS, glass, aluminum foil hard, stainless steel.
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