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UV ink and UV Varnish Using
1, UV ink and UV varnish storage conditions are generally: low temperature, ventilation, or can be stored in the refrigerator. Their shelf life is generally 1 years, if not up to the requirements of the storage conditions, it is easy to deteriorate and cause damage to the material.
2, in the coating UV ink or on the amount of varnish, the coating should not be too thick and too thin, easy to cause material and substrate can not be a good combination.
3, the use of UV ink and varnish can't with ordinary ink or varnish mixed if using material from ordinary materials into UV materials, cleaning materials and machine parts in contact, such as ink, ink roller and so on. And the auxiliary agent can only use UV special auxiliary agent.
4, UV printing ink and polishing oil to use professional cleaning agent such as: acetic acid, ethanol, etc., we commonly used gasoline, kerosene can not play a role.
5, to avoid contact with the skin, it will cause skin itching, redness, papules, peeling and other symptoms, if the stick to the skin should be as soon as possible wash with soap. (Note: ethanol can be cleaned, but they don't belong to life, so in an emergency, soap is best found).
6, UV ink adhesion fastness is not fixed, it is different with the substrate, so in the new printing of the substrate, it should be confirmed that the adhesion of the.
7, UV ink in black ink on the ultraviolet absorption ability is very strong, so this type of ink curing speed is slow, in the printing process UV black ink, to slow down the printing speed, the purpose is to increase the UV irradiation time, so that the ink is fully cured.
8, metal printing UV ink, time is easy to yellow.
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