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UV printing ink and screen printing is worth looking forward to the future
        Silk screen printing, this modern one of the four major printing, with its large volume, cheap, bright colors, long storage, delivery, and other advantages, is also being recognized by more and more audiences in the printing industry is widely used. UV ink is a kind of environmentally friendly ink which is rapidly developing in recent years. It is characterized by instant curing, drying, non - volatile solvent, easy to use and so on.
Screen printing application: UV ink wide potential
        When UV printing ink and screen printing, what will happen? In fact, UV ink has already been widely used in screen printing, and printing material is varied, circuit boards, textiles, paper, synthetic paper, wood products, plastics, metal coating, glass, ceramic, and so on are included.
        Screen printing ink layer thick, bright color, simple process, less investment, quick, so in light industry, electronics, machinery, automotive, textile, chemical, commercial, advertising, decoration, packaging and other industries have been widely used, especially in the decoration, beautification of people living, commercial advertising and electronic industrial printing circuit and other fields, played the role of other printing can not be replaced. In the modern printing industry, there is no screen printing can not be called a complete printing enterprise, so the evaluation is not too much. In addition, I believe that with the rise of the consumer market, the demand for screen printing products will become increasingly large, screen printing industry expansion, technology upgrade is imperative.
       However, with the continuous development of screen printing technology, screen printing equipment will be from the manual, monochrome, automatic, automatic, multi - color of the higher degree of automation, the quality and quality of the printing will be significantly improved, which puts forward higher requirements for printing ink. Future more environmentally friendly, more technology content will become a screen printing and screen printing UV ink double standard.
Characteristics of UV ink application screen printing
        It was said that UV printing ink is applied in the screen printing is inevitable, the reason is mainly depends on the characteristics of UV ink itself, then the screen printing UV ink what characteristics?
(1) curing speed, UV equipment is small, the production efficiency is high.
UV ink is very suitable for multicolor, automated assembly line, and previous solvent type ink drying need to configure a long drying line, and even some monochrome printing dry goods to 10m drying device. And screen printing using UV ink, only need a UV light source to solve the problem, saving the cost of the purchase of equipment, but also save space, greatly improve the production efficiency.
(2) the ink does not block the screen, stable concentration, suitable for high quality printing.
It is said that the screen printing process 90% of the problem with the solvent, solvent is an important part of the screen printing ink, but because of the different regions, temperature, humidity, ink rendering performance is also very different. So it is not volatile material, ink viscosity change is very small, easy to operate UV ink, it is a good solution to these problems, so that the printing quality is greatly improved. In addition, because the ink curing speed, shorten the time of printing in the drying process, reduce the possibility of dust pollution.
(3) no volatile solvent, no negative effect on human and environment.
At present, the screen printing ink, from the output and variety, volatile dry solvent ink accounted for the mainstream. Because of its slow drying time, 60% of the solvent will be volatile, so the environment pollution is relatively large. Search for small, dry fast, less energy consumption of UV ink, has become the common goal of the printing industry.
(4) the ink layer is thick, the substrate is extensive, the operation is simple and flexible.
General solvent ink, ink solid content of about 40%, while the UV ink curing after the solid content is close to 2, is generally 100% to 5 times the ink. If using thick film screen printing UV ink is better, and therefore more suitable for screen printing.
(5) wear resistance, solvent resistance, weather resistance, etc..
The chemical substances in the UV ink form a polymer solid polymer network, which can reduce the loss caused by the bad environment, and prolong the time of the outdoor display.
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